Reactions to Disappearance of Signatures

How is everyone feeling about the signatures being deleted from the site?

I’m personally crushed because I feel that they gave the site a personality. The signatures let us have unique identities based on our aesthetic preferences and styles instead of just being reduced to a username. So many of our threads were about discussing each other’s signatures. I know that the world has a lot more important stuff going on right now, and I know that the administrators had to transition to a new platform, but I’ll admit that I’m kind of bummed out to see the signatures disappear. A lot of community members worked so hard on them and it’s sad to know that they all got deleted. If the admin are okay with it, I thought this thread might be a place where we can discuss how we feel about the change. (For the record, I’m not angry at the admin because I know they didn’t have a choice. Just sad about the situation itself.)


Of course we’re OK with it! I’ll be following this closely.

I’m definitely upset about it :frowning: So many great threads were based around signatures, like ‘favorite names in the previous signature’ and ‘names on NB that make you go wow’. Signatures are a great way to see other Berries’ naming styles and combos, which is a big part of the site in my opinion.

EDIT: Editing to add that I do see the benefits of the update as well. I love the ability to like posts, and how easy it is to track topics that you’re interested in and see notification alerts when replied to, etc.


I’m kinda sad too, I really liked the signatures and it was my favorite part about Nameberry. I loved seen other people sig. and I loved changing mine. However, I’m sure we’ll came up with something similar and we’ll get use to it. I think this new forum has a lot of opportunities.


Not going to lie, I’m disappointed. The signatures were a big part of keeping things exciting for long time berries. There’s not as much motivation to create combos without being able to showcase them. And it makes everyone look the same now. Plus, threads like Rate The Previous Signature, Pick Your Favorite Combo From The Previous Signature etc. were some of the most fun and active on the site. The community loves discussing signatures, helping others create and update their own, etc. It’s like losing a big part of nameberry, though I understand the new forums were a necessary change.


I think the signatures were a way to express myself and for everyone, a way to show their unique personality(as we can see in the thread about signature personality) and share their style. They were a big part of the nameberry community. But we don’t need them to have wonderful fun and enjoy the new forums!!!

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Im really upset with the whole change, i dont like it at all, personally


Signatures (my own and others people’s) were almost the only thing keeping me on the forums lately. And that’s not to say I wasn’t enjoying the forums - what I’m saying is, they were literally central to my experience here. I’m not upset, per se, just disappointed and a little annoyed.


Id prefer to reference my feelings as disappointed and a little annoyed too.

Games such as rating or giving your thoughts on the previous posters signature and creating families from the names in the previous posters signature are obsolete and can no longer be played until signatures are brought back which is a huge shame


Very sad to see them go here too. But not bc I used them to play specific games or threads etc. I found them very helpful when giving feedback to others as we could see where their name tastes leaned and tailor our responses to them. In fact now I feel lost when I try to respond to others posts. There is no reference point! I also found it particularly grounding for myself as I could be creative and remember what combos I liked and why, etc.

I am hoping there will be a way to bring sigs back. I found them essential in getting to know people here.


I also am very upset to see them go. I feel the same way as drfox. It’s a way to get to know peoples’ styles, & it’s harder to comment to them w/out them having a signature.


I have to be honest, not only is it sad to lose the signatures, but how about all the colors? This white space is so bland. :confused: Not trying to be negative as I think updates are understandable, but I feel like this new space is very sterile and not as easy on the eyes. Is it just me?

(Again, not hating. I totally understand that this is not the fault of anyone who found it necessary to make this transition.)


Agree, would be lovely to get some gentle colours back on the forum - hopefully the team can look into this once they’ve ironed out the more pressing issues!


@elanorelle The coloured name links will be brought back ASAP. They were working initially (and still are on posts from before the switchover), so I’m confident that we can get that up and running again.


I thought I’d be more saddened than I actually am, in all honesty. When I read there were no signatures it felt very odd, but I don’t actually miss them after getting used to the new site. :woman_shrugging: I’m loving the new layout, and I don’t really care that there’s no signatures. Everything is so clean and crisp, and well layed out. :heart_eyes: You can always add your children’s names or favourite names to your bio.


Really glad you like the new forum!

I dont personally understand how any of this can be viewed as well layed out or clean though. I think the whole change is such a shame


Although I’m really enjoying the new forums, I do miss the signatures. I miss being able to see what new and lovely names the others are loving, identifying friends, and sharing whatever combos I’ve come up with of late. They were definitely a central part of Nameberry that I will have to mourn, especially with “Names on Nameberry That Make You Go ‘Wow’” being out of commission. That thread always brightened my day.


I’m definitely finding this interface less intuitive and I’m missing the signatures a lot! I found so much inspiration from other peoples signatures and they really helped open my mind to more creative names.


I miss the signatures too. I used to spend a lot of time thinking up combos for certain themes to showcase in my signature and see if anyone liked them. I have a child now who has a name and I won’t be having anymore so I just feel like there isn’t much for me to do on here now, as I spent my time just making up fun combos.