Reactions to Disappearance of Signatures

Completely bummed about it, particularly because I don’t remember all the names that were in my signature and now can’t find them :frowning: I loved the signature feature and all the games/ideas other peoples signatures gave me. Annoyed we didn’t know they were disappearing with the change as I would have been certain to write them all down. @katinka is there anyway to see what we had prior to the switch?


I wish I could get my sigs back too just to write them down elswhere. I have used this site for a long time but I don’t think I will anymore. It’s a lot easier to post on Reddit (or just research names from behindthename, which have much fuller descriptions anyways). The forum really made this site unique and now that their like this… idk. I will probably delete my profile and be off. It was fun while it lasted!


@emekct Unfortunately, no :frowning_face: I’m sorry you’ve lost your signature. Did you see the announcement prior to the changeover?

Wait, how do you even make a user card? And why can’t I see anybody else’s? I haven’t been active on this site for like a month and now I am so confused…


If you click your icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click your username, then ‘summary’, then ‘preferences’ (with the settings icon), then ‘profile’, there should be a textbox underneath the ‘About me’ heading where you type whatever you want into your usercard (I use mine just to put in the combos that used to be in my signature).

As for seeing other people’s usercards - I find clicking on people’s icons on their post in threads like this gives me a preview, and I have to then click on their username again to go to their profile and see the entire thing.

Hopefully this is clear enough to help!

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With the disappearance of signatures and this only-white theme, I’m feeling like I’m commenting on Instagram, not using a forum.


Honetly, i am not really that upset about it. Yes, Names on Nameberry That Makes You Go Wow was my favorite thread ever, thanks to all amazing, wonderful and creative signatures that got me inspired and expand my taste in names. And i am a bit sad that six years of signatures is just gone, but you can still make them on your user card, even though it is not the same, i agree with that.

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we still have that thread!

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I’m really upset about losing the signatures. I’ve been on this site for over 7 years now and signatures have consistently been my favourite part of it - all of my favourite threads were based around signatures and that’s how I recognised other users, rather than by username. I also saved my favourite working combinations in my signature so now I have lost some of those…

I’m going to delete my account - I’ve felt so welcomed in this community for a third of my whole life (that’s crazy!) but this change is just so weird and honestly the loss of signatures without a heads up is kind of the signal for me to leave.


Very surprised by the new design! Did not see any of the warnings, but I don’t spend too much time on here.

I actually haven’t been affected by the signature loss because I never interacted with it much. I had a hard time coming up with combos, but I can see how it would affect others who had interacted with it.

Still getting to grips with the new interface but I gotta say, I am not a fan of the social media theming! A lot of these types of features have a negative affect on mental health in my experience. It’s going to end up a popularity contest and people are going to start feeling left out :-/

I do like the simplicity now though, on your phone. It used to be a real pain before. This is better.

While I see what you’re saying about the social media features, and while I don’t love them myself, I will say this:
I have found the NB community to be wonderfully kind and supportive, and I honestly don’t think anyone is really too concerned with likes/popularity. Therefore, I don’t foresee anyone feeling left out here. This is a welcoming community, and I don’t think a more twitter-esque platform can change that. :slight_smile:


@artemisathena0107 sorry, but there was a head-s up post about a week in advance, posted on each forum, and on the blog.

@ferix08 - The new platform for sure takes some getting used to, but I can assure you, the community aspect of Nameberry won’t be affected by the platform change! If you are feeling uncomfortable by something you see on the site though, please don’t hesitate to flag the post so the mods and admins can take a look! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@artemisathena0107 & @EmersonWildWood I’m sorry you feel blindsided by the update and loss of signatures. There is the user card feature which is a similar concept, but I understand it’s not the same!

If anyone is unsure about how to make their user card, please feel free to check out my tutorial post here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:!

i totally agree, i always loved the signatures and being someone who doesn’t use this site all the time i didn’t know to save mine before they made the change :frowning: also for some reason it’s welcoming me as a new user when i’ve had this account since i was 16…? so there’s that too. i’m sure i’ll adjust it was just a wild change to come back to ¯_(ツ)_/¯


A few users who have two email addresses on our system have been assigned two different accounts. I can merge these and remove the 1 from your username if you like. The process will take a little while (up to a day) but once done, you’ll have your old posts and join date back. Let me know if you’d like me to do this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I would say that I’m upset about it. The whole reason I signed up for Nameberry in the first place was because of the signatures. However, I get that the software was out of date, based on the number of times it glitched for me, even in a minute. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the update (the harsh color scheme mostly, as well as some threads being closed), but I get that it needed to be done. It bothers me a little, and I’ve significantly cut back on the time I spend on Nameberry, but it’s definitely nowhere near enough to make me leave.

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Any news on when an update might be released to reinstate signatures?

Without them, I feel like the forums just aren’t the same, and I’m not engaged–they gave another point of reference besides username to remember who was who, it was a quick way to get a sense of someone’s naming style without have to click on everyone’s profile individually, and esp. for those of TTC who used them to track cycles, treatments, etc. they were a nice reminder to be aware of others who might be struggling with fertility.


I have just put up a pinned post about the signatures feature.

I will close this topic now, but please do feel free to keep sharing your thoughts on this issue over on the post linked above.