What do you think of this name?
What are your thoughts?

Is it too tied to [name]Regina[/name] [name]George[/name] from the mean girls movie?

Personally, I don’t like it at all, and I think Mean Girls ties wouldn’t be a problem, since a baby born now’s generation wouldn’t be familiar with it, but I do think that in early sex ed classes, [name]Regina[/name] could become a female body part, (when I lived in [name]Canada[/name], I was 10, and [name]Regina[/name],Saskatchewan became Vagina, Saskatchewan)

It makes me think of [name]Regina[/name] Spektor, who [name]IMO[/name] is one of the most fabulously weird songstresses out there.

I like it. I think it is cute and fresh.

I like it. It’s pretty and unusual but classic enough to not be unheard of.

I really like [name]Regina[/name]. I don’t think Mean Girls will be on anyone’s radar. Honestly, I had to stop and think about what you were referencing. Also, I don’t really see why it would be turned into vagina, as a previous poster said. They don’t rhyme. There are very few names I would be deterred from because of potential teasing, anyway. Kids can be cruel, yes, but just because a name is not easily teased does not guarantee the child who has it will be immune from teasing. As the old adage goes, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. [name]Reggie[/name] could be a cute nickname on a girl, too.

I like it, I think it’s a fun choice!

[name]Regina[/name] Spektor! Respekt. She’s wonderful, quirky and so much fun, so because of her I love the name.

I have never seen mean girls, so it has no connection for me there. I think it might be a fun unexpected choice. It does feel slightly dated to me though.

I actually thought the name was old and dusty until I saw Mean Girls. That movie actually made the name seem usable and likeable imo. I like it.

I love it! As for the reference to Vagina… the city in [name]Canada[/name] has the name "[name]Regina[/name]’ but it IS pronounced like Vagina with an R…

I like the pronunciatin [name]Reg[/name]-EE-nah.

The nn. [name]Regi[/name] would be ADORABLE on a little girl!!!

I love it! As for the reference to Vagina… the city in [name]Canada[/name] has the name "[name]Regina[/name]’ but it IS pronounced like Vagina with an R…

I like the pronunciatin [name]Reg[/name]-EE-nah.

The nn. [name]Regi[/name] would be ADORABLE on a little girl!!!

[name]Reggie[/name] is so cute! Thanks for that suggestion it’s so cute.
[name]Gina[/name] is also an option I thought of.

I actually like [name]Regina[/name]. Of course, I love the movie Mean Girls and [name]Rachel[/name] McAdams. There are a lot of nicknames for a [name]Regina[/name] too so she could always go by something else as a child, [name]Ginnie[/name], [name]Gina[/name], [name]Reggie[/name] (if you’re into boy nicknames for girls), etc.

I’m with the poster who said it sounds like Vagina.

personally, I say it as Reh-gyne-ah, which sounds a lot like Vagina, and I’m sure other teens would think the same. Basically, if a girl named [name]Barbra[/name] [name]Jean[/name] (who was in my class) could be turned into an oral sex act, I’m sorry to say that, depending on where you live, someone will pronounce it as Vagina.

I really like the name, and I think it’s uncommon and classic.
The only thing is, I have a friend with that name and immature boys used to tease her because the name sort of sounds like the female counterpart. I know, teenage boys will be teenage boys, but it is something to keep in mind.

:slight_smile: Best wishes

when I think of [name]Regina[/name], I think of the character in the “Once Upon A Time” series. It still sounds interesting, though. You can call her [name]Gina[/name] or [name]Reggie[/name], and [name]Reggie[/name] was a character in the TV show [name]Rocket[/name] [name]Power[/name]. I like it. It sounds interesting. Good luck!

That’s because of how you guys pronounce it. Here in the United States, it’s pronounced Re-GEEN-a, like the name [name]Gina[/name] with a “Re” in front of it, so I doubt it’ll be a problem.

To the original poster – I like the name. I think it’s underused, but I like a few of its variants more (especially [name]Regis[/name] and [name]Regan[/name]).

Then you’re pronouncing it wrong. If someone’s going to pronounce a name wrong just to make fun of it, they can do that to just about any name.

I’m not pronouncing it wrong? That’s how it’s pronounced where I live, don’t be so rude, I’m stating a fact, it sounds like that. I live in [name]Canada[/name], one of [name]Canada[/name]'s large cities is [name]Regina[/name] (Re-gyne-ah) which is how the majority of people here pronounce it.