Spinoff: "Easily Tease-able" Names

With the discussion on the boy’s forum about how [name]Harry[/name], although very popular among Brits, is less so for Americans because it sounds like “hairy” in some accents, I got to thinking about other names with connotations that may make them easy targets for teasing. Here’s some that I thought of:

[name]Dick[/name] / [name]Richard[/name] - Although the nickname is now near extinct except on older men, the teasing potential has also probably contributed to the full name’s decline.
[name]Gay[/name] and other names starting with the “[name]Gay[/name]” sound - The issue is obvious, although it hasn’t stopped [name]Gabriel[/name] from its large rise in recent years.

Any others you can think of? (I like these “spinoff” discussions!)


[name]Tucker[/name] - we all know what it rhymes with!
[name]Virginia[/name] - a [name]Virginia[/name] went to my hs, she was called “virgin” sometimes :S

You can really make fun of any name if you put your mind to it though!

I automatically think of [name]Amos[/name]. Sounds like anus…

I have a similar reaction to [name]Astrid[/name], I like the name alright, but imagine children would be quite cruel with this name.

Oh yeah! Names like [name]Analie[/name], [name]Analiese[/name], however people choose to spell them… ‘anal’ just jumps out at me every time.

[name]Ryder[/name]/[name]Rider[/name], though I like the sound of the name, just makes me think “ride her”. :confused:


An [name]Annaliese[/name] at my school got called Anal-ease. Yeah, not the best.

I love [name]Aspen[/name] but would never use it because the inevitable nn is ‘ass’ or ‘assie’

A lot of surnames people are using for girls…especially the ones associated with beer.

Any of the [name]Anneliese[/name] that are spelled with “anal” at the front, that’s just bad judgement, lol.

Lol, my name is [name]Cassie[/name] and I got “assie” all the time growing up, especially from my siblings.

[name]Percy[/name] (sounds similar to slang for lady parts)
Muff (I think this one is a nickname, but at the animal hospital where I used to work, there were 2 clients that went by this)
Any name that is or sounds like an s.t.d. A friend of mine does school photos and has come across a Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia, although I think I recall at least one of them wasn’t spelled the same as the disease. He also said he’s come across 2 girls named Placenta and it’s sad when you get to that one and start thinking “hey, it could be worse”.

I can’t help but think of braying donkeys when I hear [name]Brayden[/name]/[name]Braden[/name]. I imagine the poor kid would hear a lot of hee-hawing on the playground.

[name]Gretchen[/name] could get a lot of “retching” jokes.

As a [name]Brit[/name], I see [name]Willy[/name] and I think ‘male genitalia’. Same with [name]Willa[/name].

I liked the name [name]Calico[/name] for a while until I realised that in the Netherlands, where I live, it would sound similar to ‘kliko’ which is a wheelie bin.

[name]Benedict[/name] / [name]Richard[/name] ([name]Dick[/name]) ; [name]William[/name] ([name]Willie[/name]) ; [name]Becker[/name] (Pecker)
[name]Madigan[/name] (Mad-again)
[name]Alex[/name] ([name]Al[/name]-Licks)
[name]Sirius[/name] (Are you sirius? My brothers name. He was never teased. He was too big for his age to ever have been bullied. Sometimes he went by Sir as a sign of respect.)
[name]Peggy[/name] (Piggy)
[name]Antigone[/name] (Anti-gone)
[name]Gideon[/name] (nn. Giddy; Giddy-on, which later turns into Giddy-up)
[name]Neveah[/name] (made up [name]Heaven[/name])
[name]Destiny[/name] / [name]Charity[/name] / [name]Chastity[/name] / [name]Crystal[/name] / [name]Diamond[/name] / [name]Ruby[/name] / [name]Emerald[/name] / [name]Jade[/name] (Stripper names)
[name]Caitlin[/name] (“made-up” spelling; millions of variations lead to this being a frustrating name)
[name]Bonnie[/name] & [name]Clyde[/name] (obvious; I knew twins with these names. Pretty much made me want to cry.)

A) What’s a wheelie bin?
B) [name]Calico[/name] itself would strike me as an odd name b/c the word is primarily a color pattern of cat. I think someone in another post made the same point about [name]Merle[/name].

[name]Fig[/name]…it is absolutely my favorite name for a girl, but it is so close to ‘pig’, that I question how wearable it is.

Debating baby names for a royal child, someone mentioned that a girl with the name [name]Dagmar[/name] would be teased in English-speaking countries, I have no idea why though (because, well, I’m Danish :D). I personally love the name.

My favourite nickname for [name]Richard[/name] is “[name]Dickie[/name]” but … yeah :rolleyes:

just came to mide but [name]Jock[/name]. I knew one and we wasn’t teased but easily done.

A dag is a silly person, a wheelie bin is the large bin that you take out and put next to the driveway for the council to pick up. It usually has two wheels to help push/pull it. [name]Hence[/name] “wheelie” bin.