Thoughts on renaming the Momberries category?

Hey everyon, I hope this topic isn’t too controversial (especially since I’m sure we all agree on how important the names of things are), but I wanted to start a conversation around renaming the Momberies category to something more gender inclusive?

The Momberries content is great, but I think it would be nice if the name included fathers that are on the forums, and parents of all genders. I know there are a lot of LGBTQ people on here (especially teens) and it would be great to be inclusive of everyone interested in talking about parenting or starting a family.

Parentberries does’t have quite the same ring to it though, any ideas on a better name for the category? What are your thoughts on making the name more gender inclusive?


Parentberries sounds OK to me, and much clearer than anything else that springs to mind. We will certainly discuss!


Short for family of course

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Nice idea! Problem is, we already use Fameberry for some celebrity baby name stuff and it’s probably a bit close.

I think Parentberries or even just Parenting Talk (why not keep it simple?) would work well, but please do continue to give suggestions :slight_smile:


Oh I think this is a great idea!! Parentberries works fine to me! (or anything like it)


I think Parentberries is fine. Also like the simpleness of Parenting Talk

Maybe (throwing out ideas even though I’m not active on that forum):
Parenting Point
Parenting Place
Parents Site
Parents Section

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I really love this idea! I think Parentberries works just fine. It probably would start to sound natural within a few days, even if it’s the tiniest bit clunky now, and regardless I think it’s worth it for the inclusivity!


It makes me happy to see this brought up! I agree Parentberries would likely be the best bet. I thought of Renberries, as “[name_u]Ren[/name_u]” is used as a neutral term for parent when necessary, but I don’t think that would be universally known.

Parent Place and Parent Central also come to mind (:


Welcome to the shiny new(ish) Parentberries category! :sparkles:



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Fantatic! This is so exciting! Thanks @katinka for being so reseptive, and thanks to everyone for also being exited about renaming the category and making suggestions! It’s very welcoming to see a gender inclusive space <3


I thought there was already a LGBT space/thread for this community on here ( nameberry) I’m all for gender inclusivity but I don’t think I have actually met a dadberry on here. ( Would love to meet some)

Also where am I meant to discuss miscarriage/stillbirth/periods/c sections now? All of which I would feel a bit uncomfortable discussing with men? Because they would no doubt find that biologically unrelatable.


I agree that there are some things particular to moms.


I agree. I’m wondering if instead of renaming an existing category if there is a way to add a category instead.


I thought that would have been the best option myself yeah? Now I really have no idea where to post my questions 🤷😬


Maybe there can be a thread for pregnant and birthing parents of all genders as a place to relate to people with shared experiences, who may or may not be moms!


Maybe some of the moms liked a place for moms just like the teens like a place for teens though?

I can definitely understand wanting to include other people in the broad topic as there are many threads in there but I don’t really see a need to make the TTC part “accommodating” to young teenberries. [name_u]Or[/name_u] to men really. Because some women discuss personal things on there and even though it’s open to the internet and we know that, it’s still different knowing you are talking to other women and presumably not someone really young or a man.

Just my opinion.


this is going to be a super brief two cents so hi y’all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i am definitely not a mother, but because of that i avoid posting in any of the threads about being a mom, the same way people who aren’t teens don’t post in teenberries, etc! i am sure that others will be able to refrain from posting in topics that they are able to determine don’t pertain to them! just changing the name from momberries to parentberries doesn’t mean the same content can’t still be posted! :yellow_heart: i am sure everyone here is able to be respectful of each other’s wishes and experiences and that sense of community doesn’t have to leave just by using more inclusive language


Exactly. I feel if we’re looking to address those with “shared experiences” maybe add a PrideBerries and/ or Teenberries but there is something lost by taking away Momberries. IMO at least.


trans men and queer parents also may experience the same issues cis moms face! By changing the name to parentberries, it feels more inclusive and might eliminate anxiety for other parents over using a thread just for “moms”.
I think making things more inclusive is never a negative thing, personally. Also, I have definitely seen dads and other parents using Nameberry! To me, they shouldn’t have to feel excluded by forcing them to use a separate thread entirely.
Also, most people on the parentberries thread will most likely be parents/parents to be (not young people), and therefore are adults who are capable of being respectful and such about sensitive topics.
of course, this is just my opinion!! [name_m]Just[/name_m] wanted to make people aware of some things they maybe hadn’t thought of.