Ttc 2023

As we are closing the year out thought I’d create this thread as I may be doing so next year (depending on some factors).

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


Very excited to say we are going for it in the new year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good luck to everyone who’ll be starting or continuing TTC in 2023. Sending you lots of baby dust :sparkles:


No firm decisions yet, but hoping we start TTC at some point in 2023. I’m excited and anxious all at the same time just thinking about it!

Good luck to all!


Dang is it weird seeing something for 2023 already! :flushed: where did this year go?!

I’ll most likely be joining you guys, moving over from the 2022 thread :slightly_smiling_face: hoping not to need to but, if it comes to that, having a supportive thread is such a bright light in the storm :green_heart:


Ill hopefully be joining this thread, barring some other life events that should be happening this year! Its so weird that 2022 is over, I feel like 2020 just hit.


Agreed @namergirl3 & @LibelluleClaire it is crazy that I am now when future dating things for work etc it is 2023 :flushed: the year definitely went quickly.

Hello 2023 threadmates. [name_m]God[/name_m] knows I’ll be in here with you as well. We get two more shots this year, he basically misses the [name_u]November[/name_u] window, and if we conceive in [name_u]December[/name_u] the due date is basically my birthday so I’m torn. At this point, I’ll take anything. I’ve been in these threads since 2017 now :sweat_smile:
Best of luck to everyone :two_hearts:


I can’t believe this thread is up already! This year has vanished so fast!

I expect to be a more regular participant next year. This year had some odd ups and downs, and our TTC journey never really got off the ground. We were sort of NTNP, but I wasn’t charting properly or paying attention to timing.

Fingers crossed for you all, and I hope 2023 is your year! :revolving_hearts:


Fingers crossed for all who will join this thread :two_hearts:


[name_m]Ah[/name_m], I think I’d be watching this thread. No firm decisions yet, but hoping to try around mid 2023 (depends on many things really). Feels kinda weird typing this, as I’ve been on this site (on and off) since I was in my late teens.

Good luck everyone!


[name_m]Ah[/name_m], hoping to be joining, albeit wishing I didn’t have to - lost at 10w a few weeks ago. But we’ve spoken and are keen to try again once I’m past the wait time the doctors recommended.


I’m so sorry for your loss :broken_heart:

I saw this article yesterday if it helps at all No need for six-month wait to try for baby after pregnancy loss, study finds | Pregnancy | The Guardian


Joining this thread as well as we’ve literally only just started TTC, so unless it happens first cycle this is where I’m going to be.


Alright, time for me to officially join this thread :slight_smile: basic intro is that we are ttc our second child and I have a history of infertility, pcos, miscarriages, etc.
[name_f]My[/name_f] new cycle just started so I decided to make the switch over here now.


Joining you from the 2022 thread. I fell badly on my tailbone last week so there will likely not be any more ttc happening before the new year :sweat_smile:


Probably holding off for a bit, because life, but will continue lurking on this thread :sweat_smile: maybe later in the year…


I am officially in this thread. My next ov will be around Christmas Day, and no one has time for baby making in the middle of holiday chaos! :rofl::christmas_tree: So January it is. :crossed_fingers:


Having our first IVF frozen embryo transfer in 2023. I’m guessing it’ll be late [name_u]Jan[/name_u] to early Feb. Had my egg collection done last week and now we have 13 embryos being frozen. I wasn’t allowed to transfer due to my body being hyperstimulated. Here’s hoping next year is our year everyone! :revolving_hearts:


Officially moving over to this thread as well. [name_m]Just[/name_m] as a little background my husband and I have already been trying for about 6 months, and to be totally honest I never would have expected to still be here when we started. However, we have discovered that my husband has a low sperm count. [name_u]Early[/name_u] in the new year he is getting an ultrasound and a hormone panel to see if either of those things are the reason for the low count. He is also trying to exercise more, eat better, and lose a few pounds because his weight has been creeping up for a while. He is also taking a host of supplements (multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, [name_m]Zinc[/name_m], CoQ10 and Selenium).

We have had/are having one early loss. I found out I was pregnant almost two weeks ago but bled a lot right away, but by HCG levels did double. However since then the home tests have become super faint so next week I am going in to confirm that my HCG has dropped. This has been an emotionally confusing experience - on one hand I am really happy to find out we can get pregnant at all, on the other I am really sad that we got this close and that it didn’t work out. We spoke over the phone with my husband’s doctor a couple days ago about some next steps in testing and when we let him know about the loss he said “congratulations and I’m sorry”, which felt like the perfect response and a perfect encapsulation of my conflicting feelings around this.

Anyways, I hope everyone else has a smoother journey than we have had and that you don’t have to stick around here very long!