Usernames having a 1 added to the end

This is an issue for some users following the Forums changeover.

Example: username has become username1 in the new Forums.

If this is an issue for you, please let us know below. It’s helpful to get as many examples as possible so we can investigate what has happened and where.

Edit: We have found a fix

This involves merging the two users (originalusername and originalusername1) in the system, and resetting the primary email address. Your username will return to normal and you will get your post count etc. back again.

I will confirm below when this has been done for each user. Please note that it may take a little while for the email address update to go through, but please get in touch if you are unable to log in for longer than 24 hours.

You will need to log out and log in again with the same email address and password you used to access the new Forums before.

Please continue to post below if this is an issue for you; I will send the affected usernames across to the tech side as I get them.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

I’ve become Mega_Muffin1.

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It happened to me.


@mega_muffin @namefan

Have either of you ever changed your registered email addresses on Nameberry?

The current theory is that if you’ve changed your email in the past, it’s created a second record in our database – the first one linked to the old email, and the second version (with the 1) to the new email.

It happened to me as well. @katinka, my email address has remained the same through my time here and still obtained the random 1.

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Oh no! OK, we will continue to investigate.

@katinka I honestly don’t remember. I’ve been a member for so many years. I guess it might be possible? I usually don’t change email addresses once I sign up for things, though.

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I replied in the other thread, but wanted to make sure I posted here to be included in the discussion. I don’t believe I have changed my email at all with my account.

Thank you. If everyone who’s having this issue can just include yourself here, we can get back to you with specific questions and fixes when we are able to turn to this in the next few days. Thanks.

Oh no! Anything special or different you did?

I think my e-mail was changed at some point based on some technical difficulties that were found when I was put on to be a moderator. As it turned out, when I first signed up for Nameberry (way back not long after the site debuted in 2008!) I used an e-mail that I had tentatively planned to use for communication in the “name-nerd” world separate from my general-purpose one. As it turned out I never came to use that e-mail for anything else and later closed that address out (and I thought I had corrected the issue at Nameberry but it then appeared I didn’t).

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@namefan It’s nothing you did :slight_smile: The email address I can see for you in the database now is not the one I’ve emailed you on in the past, hence the question.

It may not be true for all users, but at least sometimes my theory is that changing the address has resulted in two records for a particular user.

I’m going to keep digging…

Please keep posting here, everyone!

@dechen :wave:

Just linking you to this thread because I noticed this has happened to you, too. Anything different you did? Have you changed your account details on Nameberry at any point?

@moonstone Same question to you ^

@katinka I have definitely changed my e-mail address in the past, but the funny thing is, my username is displayed correctly (without a 1) in the staff section:

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I just checked and it seems like I now have two accounts, @moonstone and @moonstone1…Hm, I will now try to log into the second one.

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Let me know how you get on! We noticed you have two accounts now too

@moonstone has been made a mod

@moonstone has no past posts, like the other examples above.

My feeling is that there has been a duplicate created from the database, one for each registered email address (and possibly the same thing has happened if other details have ever been changed).

This is just my own musings!

@katinka I’m inclined to agree with you…Funnily enough, I’m not able to log into the original account. I tried resetting the password but the system does not seem to recognize my old e-mail address, even though all the reports and moderating info are sent to it. :frowning:

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OK, I will keep you in the loop. There will be a way of sorting this! The other accounts are obviously still there.

In the meantime, I will make @moonstone a mod as well. Really appreciate your help!

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@katinka Thank you so much! I really hope this will be resolved soon, I don’t really like the idea of losing all of my info and post count.

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No, I’m going to do everything I can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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