What to Name a Baby to Tattooed Parents?

Hey berries,

Having several visible tattoos myself and hoping to get more in the future, I always wonder about the next generation that comes from tattooed parents. What will their style be? [name_m]Will[/name_m] they like tattoos, too? [name_m]Will[/name_m] they have spunky or edgy names?

Obviously, this is all for fun. I’m not trying to categorize people with tattoos as all being spunky and edgy. But, I often feel my name choice is very effected by who I am and how I express myself with my clothing and my tattoos.

So, for fun, what would you name a little boy and/or little girl who has parents with tattoos?

I’ll go first…

I could see them having vintage, yet quirky names. I would name a little boy [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] [name_m]Felix[/name_m] (nn [name_u]Theo[/name_u]) and a little girl [name_f]Nora[/name_f] [name_f]Violet[/name_f].

The people I know with both tattoos and kids named them: [name_m]Gavin[/name_m], [name_f]Clara[/name_f], [name_m]Zaiden[/name_m], [name_m]Silas[/name_m], [name_u]Noah[/name_u], [name_f]Lily[/name_f], [name_m]Henry[/name_m], [name_f]Cora[/name_f], [name_u]Lennox[/name_u], [name_u]Riley[/name_u]

My sister in law has a full sleeve plus multiple other tattoos and named her daughter [name_u]Rylee[/name_u]. So, because of this, I’d say names like [name_u]Marley[/name_u], [name_u]Bailey[/name_u], [name_u]Arden[/name_u], [name_u]Reese[/name_u]… Unisex names.

A woman with lots of tattoos that I know just recently had a baby boy named [name_m]Jaxon[/name_m].

These totally sound like babies of tattooed parents! Especially [name_f]Cora[/name_f] and [name_u]Lennox[/name_u].

Ooo good ones! My s/o and I loved the name [name_u]Marley[/name_u] for a little girl for awhile. But I think we both decided it was too casual for us. But yes, unisex names are good.

Cute! The “x” definitely makes this name a little more edgy.

Hmm, I’ve never really thought about it. Most people I know with tattoos don’t have a super distinct style.

My mom has a tattoo and her kids are [name_f]Abigael[/name_f] “[name_u]Abby[/name_u]” (me), [name_f]Leah[/name_f], and [name_f]Eliana[/name_f] “[name_f]Ellie[/name_f]”. My dance teacher has a tattoo and her kids are [name_u]Avery[/name_u] (g) and [name_m]Cooper[/name_m]. Another dance teacher has [name_f]Hailey[/name_f] (sp?) and [name_u]Kayden[/name_u] (again, sp?). Another has an [name_f]Olivia[/name_f] plus 3 more I don’t know the names of.

What I think would be cool is to have kid’s of tattooed parents having vintage and classic names… kinda like, “hey prepsters, my kids may or may not have the same name as your kids” to kinda freak the conservative parents out lol.

In addition to that, it might be cool for tattooed parents to name their children after the era where tattoos first became popular in whatever country they are living in

Cute names! [name_f]Ellie[/name_f], [name_u]Avery[/name_u] and [name_f]Hailey[/name_f] stand out to me when I think of tattooed parents with kids!

Yes! Me too! Any specific names come to mind?

That would be pretty awesome actually. Now I feel like researching lol

@alibc? are you from the UK or BC?? When I think of tattoos, I think of pinup girls of the 1940’s

[name_f]Charlotte[/name_f] ([name_u]Charlie[/name_u])

Other names that come to mind… that aren’t too popular but very classic…

[name_u]Charlie[/name_u] (for girl or boy)
[name_f]Gretta[/name_f] ([name_f]Etta[/name_f])
[name_f]Josephine[/name_f] ([name_u]Jo[/name_u])
[name_u]Lane[/name_u] ([name_u]Laney[/name_u])
[name_f]Dorothy[/name_f] ([name_f]Dottie[/name_f])
[name_f]Louise[/name_f] ([name_f]Lu[/name_f])
[name_f]India[/name_f] (It’s actually more of a classic name than you could think)
[name_u]Jesse[/name_u] (for a boy, I personally think it’s really cool)
[name_u]Laurence[/name_u] or [name_u]Lawrence[/name_u] (nn. [name_m]Law[/name_m], [name_u]Wren[/name_u], , [name_u]Laurie[/name_u], [name_m]Larry[/name_m])
[name_m]Augustus[/name_m] ([name_u]Gus[/name_u])… and [name_u]Gus[/name_u] from Lonesome [name_u]Dove[/name_u] is pretty much the most badass/awesome person you could name a kid after)
[name_f]Clementine[/name_f] ([name_u]Clem[/name_u]). So cute,
[name_f]Marjorie[/name_f] ([name_u]Jorie[/name_u])
[name_f]Esther[/name_f] ([name_f]Tess[/name_f])
[name_f]Maxine[/name_f] ([name_u]Max[/name_u])

I’m from the US.

Loooove all of these names. Excited to see quite a few of my favs on here, too. Because I like to think I’d be the cool mom with tattoos that has cool names for their children lol.

[name_m]Theodore[/name_m] and [name_f]Nora[/name_f] are my fav! But I also love [name_m]Lincoln[/name_m], [name_f]Clementine[/name_f] and [name_f]Maxine[/name_f].

I usually think of two categories:
*hipster parents with tattoos which would be more of the older, vintage names like [name_m]Otis[/name_m], [name_f]Ethel[/name_f], etc.
*biker/rock parents with tattoos so more edgy names like [name_m]Hendrix[/name_m], [name_m]Dagger[/name_m], etc.

From this site: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/951361/inked-moms-with-tattoos/
(Periods so that names aren’t searchable)
E.mmalee & J.onah
R.aegan & R.yleigh
A.idan, R.aelene, V.iolet, S.carlett, & V.eronica
A.ubrey & E.velyn

I think it illustrates how varied their name choices are, just like their reasons behind the tattoos.

The most highly tattooed parents I know have a [name_m]Felix[/name_m]! I think it’s a fantastic name :slight_smile:

Come to think of it, the below names are ones I’d think would be given to a tattooed parent(s).



[name_m]Rock[/name_m] star names for boys and spunky, possible rock star names for girls. Names ending in -x are definitely what I’d think a tattooed parent(s) would name their little boy.

I love the combo [name_u]Frankie[/name_u] [name_f]Violet[/name_f] in your signature! That sounds like the perfect name!
I also prefer [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] [name_m]Hart[/name_m] over [name_m]Theodore[/name_m] [name_m]Felix[/name_m]. I also like [name_m]Samson[/name_m] [name_m]Bruno[/name_m].

I @jessicakes1988 idea of naming after when tattoos first became popular or someone in history of that culture. So I did a little research.

[name_u]Sailor[/name_u] (boy or girl) - [name_u]Sailor[/name_u] [name_u]Jerry[/name_u] [real name – [name_m]Norman[/name_m] [name_u]Collins[/name_u]] was famous for tattooing sailors

[name_f]Maud[/name_f] - [name_f]Maud[/name_f] [name_m]Wagner[/name_m] was the first known female tattoo artist.
[name_f]Katherine[/name_f] - [name_f]Kat[/name_f] [name_m]Von[/name_m] D’s real name. A classic.
[name_u]Joey[/name_u] – Chinese tattoo artist. She does beautiful work.
[name_u]Jessie[/name_u] – female artist

[name_m]Nikko[/name_m] - one of my personal favorite artists.

[name_m]Davis[/name_m] - [name_m]George[/name_m] Burchett-[name_m]Davis[/name_m] became one of the most famous tattoo artists in the world.

Mahoney – [name_m]Mark[/name_m] Mahoney is considered a legend in the tattoo world. He’s worked on a lot of famous people and has been in music videos and such.

[name_m]Samuel[/name_m] – [name_m]Samuel[/name_m] O’[name_u]Reilly[/name_u] invented the electric tattooing machine. One of my favorite classic names.

[name_u]August[/name_u] - [name_u]August[/name_u] “[name_m]Cap[/name_m]” [name_m]Coleman[/name_m] is one of the original legends in the tattoo world. I read that when he passed away he left his small fortune to multiple charities which I think is great because everyone, especially back in the day, had a misconception of those with tattoos. [name_m]Cole[/name_m] or [name_m]Coleman[/name_m] would be a good name as well.

[name_m]Knight[/name_m] – [name_u]Jessie[/name_u] [name_m]Knight[/name_m], female tattoo artist.

this ended up being long than I had thought but I like doing research and found reading about some of these people very interesting.
more history and maybe name ideas here: http://selvedgeyard.com/2009/07/21/forefathers-of-american-tattooing/

I was totally thinking hipster parents with vintage names! That’s what I was going for. But you’re totally right… there’s also those hardcore tattooed people where’d they’d be named after rock bands and want not! Great list.