What you like about your child

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] Berries,

Let’s be honest: when you become a parent, you often become the number one fan of your child/ children. It’s just amazing to watch them grow, discover the world and develop their own personality.

I’m curious to read what are the wonderful qualities of your little ones.

Mine is almost 4 months old and smiles and laughs a lot :yellow_heart: His favorite activities are babbling and listening to songs performed by me. I just love his joyful and energetic character. He is the sunshine of our family :sunny:


[name_f]My[/name_f] eldest; super smart, loyal, loving, witty. He is 7.
[name_f]My[/name_f] youngest; caring, kind, pleasant to be around, he is 4


H. (6): caring, attentive, smart, loves music and dancing :yellow_heart:
B. (2): great animal lover, good at playing by himself, loves cuddles (especially with my husband :sweat_smile:) :green_heart:
L. (1): easy-going, calm, always smiling :purple_heart:
E. (1): curious, loves exploring, persevering :blue_heart:


[name_u]Love[/name_u] this!

A(6) smart, sensitive, so kind
R (3) fearless, funny, independent


[name_f]My[/name_f] little girl has just turned one and she’s hilarious such a funny mischievous little person who is really sociable and will smile at absolutely everyone she melts my heart :two_hearts:


[name_f]My[/name_f] son is 2 in a few weeks and he’s the cheekiest little boy. He went through a lot in the first few months of birth but you’d never know. He loves dinosaurs, [name_f]Peppa[/name_f] Pig, asking for snacks every 10 seconds and smiling with his lil dimples.


Your baby sounds absolutely adorable :heart: that age is such a sweet one, where they start to become more awake and aware of what is going on.

One thing I really like about my son is how his brain works. I mean it is completely fascinating to just be hands off in a situation and watch how he figures it out. He comes up with solutions that I never would’ve thought of! I also really love his interests. Take cars. If a car comes on tv, he has to run and find a toy car and hold it while he watches. It is really cute.

He’s two.


All your kids sounds delightful :heart_eyes:

Each in their own special way. I love to read those descriptions, it melts my heart. Kudos to all of you for noticing and nurturing those qualities in your children!

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What a lovely idea for a thread!

[name_f]My[/name_f] daughter is 10 months old. She loves listening to music and splashing in her bath and “petting” the dogs and cats. She’s crawling and trying to walk and I love watching her figure out new things! Shes so happy its contagious!


DD1 (6): Huge bookworm and fascinated by words and stories (and sometimes names!) She’s 6 going on 16 and has always been so quick-witted and mature for her age. She is very kind and a very loyal friend. She is also like an elephant: never ever forgets a thing — for better or for worse!

DS1 (4): Feels everything very intensely and can be the biggest drama llama but also the sweetest soul. He is so in love with his baby brother and is so careful around him. I love how intense his interests are: if he’s into something, he’s INTO it and it comes with him everywhere, or is talked about, read, played with, etc. constantly.

DD2 (2, very nearly 3): She is such a funny little thing! She is teeny tiny with big blue eyes and a squeaky little voice but she absolutely rules the roost and can be very patronising towards us silly big people :joy: I also love how she never quite says the right word for things, eg. “fomilla ice cream” (vanilla).

DS2 (11 weeks): Smells amazing! Has the most beautiful conspiratorial smile but you have to work for it so it’s all the more adorable when he finally graces you with it. He’s starting to coo and chat and try to communicate and I can just see his little personality starting to emerge.


[name_f]My[/name_f] DS, who is nearly five months old, is:

  • social
  • smiley
  • cuddly
  • attentive/focused
  • a good night sleeper
  • a Daddy’s boy

[name_f]My[/name_f] oldest is two and a half and is sooo imaginative she can sit for hours having tea parties and playing house. She’s a thinker, when trying new things she sits back and watches until she’s got a good understanding of how to do it correctly. She also has an amazing memory for repetition. In fact right now my favorite thing is to hear her sweet little voice singing away any song she’s heard me sing, she’s heard on the radio, on tv etc. or to hear her reading her favorite books.

[name_f]My[/name_f] second is almost 9 months and she’s a itty bitty teeny tiny mischief maker. She is the most single minded, determined baby I’ve ever met and she does not like being told no, (if you take something away from her she stubbornly sets her sights on only that item and will not be distracted and while it’s exhausting I love her determination) She wears her little emotions on her sleeve and can go from screaming to contented in a matter of seconds, she’s not afraid to tell you what she thinks. But with all this big personality she’s my little cuddle bug who is most content cuddle up with mama.


Umm, SO MUCH. He’s 7 and so sweet, creative, and weird. He’s delightfully pedantic and lately is full of wordplay. He nakes every single day better and brings me so much joy.


Miss 6: Fiercely determined, extremely intelligent, memory like an elephant, loves books as much as I do, excellent leadership skills, great at drawing, incredibly self-confident and not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

Mr. Almost-3: Fiercely independent, imaginative, hard-working, passionate about his quirky interests, can figure out how to take apart anything, enjoys cleaning, takes long naps, likes to “make Google play the [name_m]Ed[/name_m] Sheerans.”


Thanks to everyone for sharing the description of your kids. I’m happy every time there’s a new answer. Again, they all sound wonderful :yellow_heart:

Sweet thread!

R, age 4: Smart, loving, imaginative. I see myself in him, bless his firstborn heart; he knows everything, even if he has to make it up on the fly. He has to be part of everything happening and wants to talk through each plan and process. He went out on our porch alone once this fall, after everyone was in bed. [name_f]My[/name_f] husband went to see what on earth he was doing. He was looking at the stars. “They are so pretty. They’re such a blessing to me.”

T, age 2: clever, independent, persistent. His big brother’s life would be so much easier if this guy was a follower, but he is not. He’s my introvert, content to play by himself; it’s a challenge for the two of them to get along playing together. He picks up lyrics quickly and is the one who will sing along in church. He makes up rhymes, asks “Why?” and giggles uncontrollably at weird noises. “When I get bigger, will I be R and will R be T?”

D, 8 months: her chubby cheeks and her little leg rolls though!! She has a hilariously mean side-eye and a cute giggle. And I’m still surprised by all her hair. I’ve started putting it up in a tiny top ponytail to keep it out of her eyes. She loves her grandma and smiles so big for her.


They are all sooooo cute, but that part just melt my heart :sob:


I don’t have any kids yet but I just wanted to thank @Camelia for this thread and everyone who replied. I clicked on it because my whole life I have only heard how horrible it is to have kids and how hard and how the parents just wish they could go back to life before their kids. I have been inundated with people complaining about the things they don’t like and blaming their kids for everything and it has scared me because my life has been really hard. I didn’t want it to be the way those people were saying it would be. I’m also unusual. I spent many years in private child care and never had a hard time with or disliked the same things that I heard most people stressing out about or complaining about. People were really unkind to me for that, calling me delusional because I wasn’t a parent yet so I “couldn’t possibly understand” :pensive: It took all of my confidence away. I’m getting it back now and recovering myself! I understand now that those people have their own values, beliefs and problems that are not mine and they were projecting. Posts like this are wonderful to see and very helpful to me. So thank you everyone!


I never thought this thread would have this kind of impact on someone, but I’m so glad it did! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m so glad that you got your confidence back! Your feelings and experience with children are completely valid, whether you’re a parent or not. Plus, as you stated so well, some people just have different values.

I have witnessed what you described. Some people tend to focus on how hard it can be to become a parent and they completely leave out the wonderful aspects of their new role. I believe we need to talk more about what parenthood brings too, because this is how the sacrifices we do will make sense. Of course, we don’t sleep as well as before, we don’t have as much leisure time as before, we worry about their well-being, but we gain so much. First smile, first laugh, endless cuddling, see them grow and master new skills everyday, discovering the world again through their eyes (with wonder and magic), love (the deepest and most sincere one ever). So, let’s continue to share the wonderful qualities of our children :star:


Thank you so much for validating my feelings and experience! Next to my husband, who thinks I’m a child rearing angel lol, you’re the first person that has ever told me that. [name_f]My[/name_f] children will be my leisure time! I have spo many big, small and wondrous plans for my little ones when they come along. They will be completing me. And I get to show my husband how to change diapers! :joy: Haha I’m really excited about that. Diapers don’t bother me at all. I can’t wait to experience every little giggle, coo, “I love you”, blow out, tantrum, excitement about new things. It’s my dream come true to have all that AND with the man of my dreams. I can’t wait. I know in my hear tI will never complain about having children. The pregnancies I’ve had before (long sad story), I was happy and peaceful when I started getting nauseous lol. Of course I’m nervous about some things now but my excitement and happiness drowns it all out.

So thank you again for this. You are absolutely right that we need to change the dialogue to include all that is well and wonderful. Especially the thought that “having children will ruin your life, body etc”. If you want them, nothing is being ruined at all :sparkling_heart: :tulip:

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