Pages and Emojis in User Cards

Hello! I am trying to get used to this new platform, but it’s not the most user friendly, is it? I find it not the most enjoyable to read. I have been on other Discourse platforms, and was just wondering: why is this one so un-customized? No colors or grids…

Pages: Am I missing something, or are there no pages anymore? I clicked on a topic with a lot of posts and I was reading things from four years ago and I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling forever and only got to things from three years ago. Is there a setting where I can make things go on separate pages? I also feel like this will help the load time, as it took a while on the long threads.

Emojis: I am trying to update my user card and I cannot do anything special. I tried to read the tutorial, but it just said: you can use bold and italics and add emojis, and I see the buttons for these, but every time I click on any of these buttons, nothing happens. No emoji list comes up, no type of coding or anything. I’ve reloaded several times, and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?


[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @Tee_Time,

Sorry to hear you’re not finding it user-friendly! It does take a little time to get used to the change, for sure, but I think the new platform certainly has its merits.

I’ll answer your questions one by one:

1. Customisation

This is something we’re looking at adding back in, but we keep being waylaid by small technical issues and the like. But we definitely want to bring more Nameberry colours and personalisation back in soon, so please bear with us on that one.

2. Pages

Pagination is not an option with Discourse. But you have several options for skipping to any point in a thread.

On desktop, you should see this scrollbar to the right of each topic. You can navigate quickly and easily anywhere in the topic by clicking and dragging the little blue button in the middle. The black text next to it (153/342) will change to tell you which post number you’re at at any given moment.

To skip back to the first post, just click the first post date at the top of that scrollbar (in the above example, that’s “Apr 27”). To skip to the end, click the latest post time at the bottom (in the example, that’s “1hr ago”).

You can also see in the example above that there’s a blue box with “Back” in it. That’s my last read post point. If I click that, it will take me back to the last post I read within that topic.

On mobile, this blue box bottom-right is what you’re looking for:

The “11/17” refers to the post number I’m currently on, and if I tap the box, it brings up the same toolbar that I’ve explained above.

You can also “Summarize” very long topics, which automatically condenses them down to the most important posts (up to a max of 100). More on that below :point_down:

Emojis in User Cards

I have no idea why this isn’t working for you. I have just tried it myself in case there’s been a glitch, but it’s working as expected for me.

Are you able to add emojis, bold and italics to normal posts?

Thank you very much for the information. I couldn’t see the light blue line on the side. I changed my view settings, and I finally can see it, but the white is so harsh on the eyes now. I’ll keep working on that.

The summarize is a good thing to know.

Let me try to add emojis: :sunglasses: Yep, it works. I can’t get anything to work on my user card. When I click the buttons, nothing happens. I just tried in another discourse forum and the options for emojis comes up on there.

OK, thanks for the info on the emojis.

I’m stumped :thinking: [name_f]Do[/name_f] you run any add-ons or anything like that?

Perhaps try in private/incognito browser mode (this disables all extensions) and see if it works for you like that, so we can try and isolate the cause.

No add-ons. I tried on [name_u]Safari[/name_u] browser and Google Chrome, and it does the same on both, whether in private or not. Oh, well. worth a try. Thanks!


Oh, that’s a shame! Sorry for the frustration :cry: I would keep trying every now and then, as lots of other issues people have experienced have proved quite fleeting, and in the meantime I’ll see if I can find any more out about what might be the cause of this.

Thanks for your patience!

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