The All About Nameberry Quick Question Thread

@katinka It looks like names aren’t linking again. Are there updates being done?

@blueangel They would normally be linking after 5 minutes, but every so often a glitch happens. When it gets fixed, any names from that point on will link as per normal.

Some emojis (well, I think they must be emojis) are showing up as little boxes for me. [name_f]My[/name_f] browser is up to date. Does anyone know how I can get them to show up?

Screen Shot 2022-05-13 at 7.51.47 AM

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i think that’s because they haven’t been added by the company that the base for the forums is made by! they need to be added by that company (disqus, i think). they’ll show up correctly if you use mobile, though

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Thank you!

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