Ttc 2021 😍

Yup definitely! For me it’s the week before I bleed, very low mood and energy. [name_m]Can[/name_m]’t trust myself to make any major decisions during that time cause I’ll usually sabotage everything haha.


Thanks for getting back to me. Blimey I thought I was going a bit crazy. Lol


I used to have very bad mood swings around the time I was about to start.
Now it seems to have switched to around the time I’m ovulating or right afterwards unfortunately. :woman_facepalming:t2:

For all of my teen years and early 20s, I had PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) which basically meant that right before my period I would be extra depressed and anxious. [name_f]My[/name_f] boyfriend at the time was the one who figured it out. I was irrationally and inconsolably anxious for 4-5 days every month. Then I’d get my period and go back to “normal” (still with anxiety and depression, but much more rational and able to be comforted).

I probably still have it, but I’ve gotten better at managing my psych meds, so I don’t go through these mood cycles any more.


I haven’t been on here for a little while, it seems that everyone has been busy!

@_thelittlefairywren I am so sorry for your loss, I hope you have been able to rest and take some time to recover

@stephaniebrooke I am so sorry for the difficulty with your BIL and your health issues, I hope that everything turns out okay.

@morgantaylore Congratulations that is lovely news I have my fingers crossed for you for a sticky baby.

@Elle1 and @K_rassy13 I have my fingers crossed for both of you that both of your tries result in a BFP !

@elleplume how wonderful that you get to be reunited with your SO, you must both be very excited and relieved to finally be together!

@Artemis31 I find my mood definitely changes around the time I ovulate and this appears to be getting worse the older I get, mainly low moods and anxiety but also a touch irritable and irrational as well.

Wishing everyone lots of baby dust!


Yes! Been taking [name_u]Olly[/name_u] Stress Relief supplements with Ashwagandha and it has been helping level things out! Was recommended by my therapist

Can you get anything like that online? UK here or do you need a prescription?

I never had the mood swings with periods when I was in my 20s but 32 now and I feel so low and miserable in the days leading up to my period. It’s horrible! @Elle1 you’ve actually described how I feel there. I just thought it was severe PMT though. @whatchamacallit mine is straight after I ovulate. I thought ovulation is meant to make you feel wonderful :rofl:
Perhaps the state of affairs isn’t helping much. UK all on lockdown again… Oh I know I’ll visit the lounge today. Yesterday I visited the kitchen. Plus home schooling. :exploding_head: All I get is, ‘thats not how miss Day does it’ 🥲🥲 hats off to teachers. The government here has given every kid a 15 pound food voucher weekly! As kids who are in reception and year 1 get a free school meal usually and now the kids are home. ( We don’t get any perks of benefits as partner earns too much) my partner asked the teacher if we could use it for wine money for ourselves :rofl::rofl::rofl: (joke of course)


@Artemis31 I think you’re right about lockdown playing tricks on our feelings. I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about homeschooling - that sounds exhausting and hats off to you for getting through it! - but I think being stuck inside is starting to get to everyone.

We were planning to wait until later this year to start TTC anyway, but the fact we now have to wait is making me more upset than it reasonably should haha. I think because nobody knows when it’s even going to end so we don’t even have a date to count down to, per se. And because we’re so dictated by PCOS and infrequent ovulation, skipping a month could actually mean waiting several months, yada yada yada.

The absolute most important thing is that everyone is safe and so I can’t really be upset with the way things are. But that doesn’t make it less frustrating!

Also I know you’ve heard this 100 times but @morgantaylore best of luck! I literally yelped out loud with excitement when I read your post haha. Let’s hope for a sticky baby for you and everyone else here :heart:


I have an ovulation test question. Yesterday I took two tests and on each the line was about as dark as the control line (if not a little darker). But today I’ve taken two and both times the line has been fainter. Is that normally what happens? Does it mean I’ve already ovulated or that yesterday’s tests were faulty? We’re trying pretty consistently so not super worried about that part of it but just trying to figure out what it means! This is the first time I’ve used the tests :sweat_smile:

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From what I understand your peak ovulation day is when the line is as dark or darker than the control line! So you may still be in your fertile window, but past your peak.


Oh, okay! That makes sense! I figured we’d keep at it either way but I was surprised to see the fainter line today. Thank you !

You ovulate 12-36 hours after a positive ovulation test. The LH surges right before the fertile egg drops.

I’ve had a positive 2 days in a row before also. Not 100% certain what that means vs only 1 day.


Ok, that makes sense! Yeah not sure if there’s a difference between 2 days in a row vs 1. Although, two days ago my tests looked close to positive but I thought they were a little fainter, so I may have read them wrong or they may have been just really close to it. The ovulation tests are definitely a little trickier to decipher it seems.

Just speaking from experience I don’t find ovulation tests particularly accurate


I’ve definitely heard they’re not super reliable. This was my first time trying them out so we’ll see. I’ve been tracking cycles on a few different apps as well, so hopefully between the two methods DH and I have a good shot at conceiving this month :slight_smile:

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A lot of them are not hugely sensitive to pick up anything ( this is just my experience though, so others could have better experiences with them)
[name_f]My[/name_f] main signs that I am ovulating are 1. The increase in egg white type discharge and 2. Increased libido. I am a big believer in listening and being attentive to our bodies though so I am super vigilant with stuff like that. For instance I can tell when I am in for being unwell. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I remember being in my docs office at the time with getting meningitis a second time round… And I said to him I really feel like I have meningitis again ( headaches/aches/light sensitivity) as I already had it before, my doc explained it was highly unlikely. Anyway following day, I was blue lighted to hospital. And a week later my doctor rings me up and apologises. Anyway sorry that was a negative anecdote, but to reiterate my previous point. Your body will give you all the signs you need usually. Good luck :blush:

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I read the tests are less reliable due to how challenging they can be to read accurately.

I’ve seen screenshots of an app where you take a picture of the ovulation tests and it gives you a score. I can see this as being helpful. I haven’t downloaded it tho, cuz my tests have always seemed pretty clear to me.

I’ve never TTC before, only right now :rofl: I’m going off the tests and my cycle predictions, since my period is extremely regular. The higher libido thing is a sign for me as well. Guess we’ll see if this works or not!


Unrelated! But to keep myself busy I’ve been updating A’s room. Quite pleased with the end results.

Z’s room next!



So cute !!! I love the “Look what I made” piece ! We need that!

Those cloud bookshelves are ADORABLE! Where did you get those?