Your Quick Start Guide to the New Nameberry Forums

Welcome to the new Nameberry Forums! We hope you love the fresh look and exciting new features as much as we do.

Here is your basic guide to getting started on the new platform. It will cover the following points:

1. Logging in for the first time

2. Navigating the Forums

3. Posting a topic or reply

4. Editing your account settings

5. For more information

:iphone: Using a mobile device? Find the mobile version of this guide here.

1. Logging in for the first time

How to log in

From the new Forums homepage, click the “Log In” button in the top right corner of your screen. This will take you to the main Nameberry login page (yes, no more separate login for the Forums!)

You should enter your registered email address rather than your username here. This is because the new platform has different rules for usernames, which means that some usernames may have changed slightly.

Forgotten email address and/or password

If you have forgotten your registered email address, contact us at (including your username) and we’ll send it to you.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it as normal from the login page.

2. Navigating the Forums

Getting to know the new homepage

Practically speaking, the new Forums homepage is set up in a very similar way to the old one.

Down the left side are the categories : #girl-baby-names, #boy-baby-names, #baby-name-games, etc. These are ordered according to latest post.

You’ll notice that we’ve merged “Baby Names” and “Talk About Baby Names” – all posts from these two categories will now be found under #baby-names .

Down the right side of the homepage is a list of the latest posts across all categories.

If you prefer, you can set the homepage to display only the latest posts or the top posts of the week, using the tabs along the top.

You can return to the main Nameberry homepage at any point by clicking the logo in the top left corner of your screen.

Inside the categories

Click through to any of the categories and you’ll notice a cool feature of the new Forums: no more pagination! Instead, the latest topics are displayed in a smooth rolling feed .

Click on a topic title to be taken to your last read post within that topic. Alternatively, you can click the reply count to be taken to the first post, or the last reply date to be taken to the last post.

Finding your own posts

To see all of your past posts, click your avatar in the top right corner of your screen, then click your username and go to “Activity”.

The menu on the left allows you to filter your activity – for example, you can choose to view only topics you’ve started, or likes you’ve given.


Click the magnifying glass icon to the left of your avatar to search. From the homepage, you can search the whole forum, or click “options” to do an advanced search.

If you’re inside a category or topic, clicking the same search icon will give you the option to search only that category or topic.

3. Posting a topic or reply

FYI: a topic in the new Forums is the same concept as a thread on the old platform.

Discobot interactive walkthrough

When you log in for the first time, you will receive a greetings message from @discobot, which you can access by clicking your avatar at the top right of your screen.

This will allow you to take a fun, interactive walkthrough of the basics of posting on the new Forums (and gives you the opportunity to earn your Certified badge). We highly recommend it!

How to add a new topic

From the main homepage or one of the category pages, click the “New Topic” button to the top right of your screen.

The new text editor is very similar to the old one, but with several neat new features. These include:

  • Images, videos, links and other media can be dragged or pasted directly into the text editor;

  • Full emoji dictionary :ok_hand::clap: which you can open by simply typing a colon : or clicking the smiley face symbol;

  • Ability to preview your post in real time;

  • Ability to minimize the text editor and continue to navigate around the site without losing your draft.

How to create a poll

Click the gear icon towards the top right of the text editor, and select “Build Poll” from the dropdown menu.

How to reply to a post

Hit the “Reply” button at the bottom right of the post you want to reply to. This can be the original post, or it can be any other post within a topic.

Replies within a topic will display in chronological order, as in the old Forums, but you can also view replies to a specific post by clicking the reply count at the bottom.

Quoting and mentioning other members

You can mention other members by typing an @ sign followed by their username, with no space. (Like this: @example.) They will receive a notification that they have been mentioned.

To quote another member, select the text you want to quote and click the “Quote” button that pops up. You can include multiple quotes from multiple sources within one post.

Liking posts

You can like another member’s post by clicking the heart symbol below it. Share the love!

4. Editing your account settings

Change your preferences

To access your preferences, click your avatar at the top right corner of your screen, then click your username and go to “Preferences”.

Here you can change settings such as your account details, profile picture and notification settings.

Fill out your profile

Go to “Profile” in your preferences to customize your profile page and user card . Here you can write a bio, set a featured website, and upload images for your profile header and user card background.

The user card is what other users will see when they click your name or avatar anywhere in the Forums. Check out @discobot’s below:

Want to know how to set up your user card? :point_left: Make sure you check out this handy how to!

5. For more information

We hope this guide has been helpful!

If you need more information, you can:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot start tutorial

I’m gonna be honest, I’m super crushed at the disappearance of the signatures. They’re a huge part of Nameberry culture and I’m so saddened that they weren’t prioritized during the transition. They were the main thing that differentiated Nameberry from other sites (like the namenerds subreddit). I always liked that Nameberry felt like an old school forum rather than a social media site. This new layout feels a bit too much like Twitter for me. I also find the new layout super difficult to navigate. This site has been an oasis of calm pastels and simplicity for me for a long time and maybe I’m just sad to see something familiar change, especially during this turbulent time.

I want to believe there was a good reason for the changeover, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say I trust you guys to make it work. Just wanted to make my voice heard. Wishing you all the best and I appreciate you letting us communicate about the changes.


We really appreciate that, @SilverSky109. I’m sorry you’re finding it difficult to find your way around, and I really hope you feel more settled with it soon. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

In terms of the reason for the changeover, I know you’re a regular poster so I you’ll be aware that we’ve been struggling with increasing amounts of glitching lately – the most recent being the complete loss of all links and the quote function on the old Forum. We tried several times to update and fix, but it didn’t work. The old platform, very sadly, had just got too outdated and to keep the site functional, we needed to move to a more modern platform.

But I hear you, change is hard :frowning_face: and especially so at this time. On the signatures, it wasn’t that it wasn’t a priority – I know how important they are to many of our members – it’s that they’re generally not supported on modern forum platforms. We are looking into ways we might be able to bring this function back once we’ve ironed out any teething troubles with the new platform and people have got used to the interface.


I know I’ve been a quiet member, but this is exactly how I’m feeling as well. Thanks for conveying it so succinctly.


Why is my username now emrys1 instead of just emrys? Did I miss some important info about this?

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No, it’s something that a few users are experiencing. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it for you all.

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Thank you @katinka!

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Thank you for being so understanding! :heart:

Thank you for your response, @katinka. I realize you’re all trying your best to make the site work as well as possible. I just wanted to ask one question for clarification: with this change, has every user’s signature been completely deleted/erased from the site? I just assumed they weren’t visible anymore on forums, but after looking around it seems that the signature info has been deleted altogether from my account? If this is the case I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be really crushed. I understand that there’s probably nothing you can do about that, but just wanted to clarify to make sure I’m not missing something.

(I will admit, even though I’m a regular user I somehow never saw the update warning posts, so I had no idea this was going to happen. I’m thinking I’m probably not alone in that and I feel bad that some people probably lost their signatures before being able to save them.)


We STILL can’t change our usernames?! I refer you to my avatar for my thoughts on the matter.


@SilverSky109 Yes, signatures simply don’t exist in this software, so it wasn’t possible to bring anything over. I’m sorry you missed the announcement :frowning_face:

@southern.maple Haha! I’m going to have a (careful!) dig around in the site settings, actually. It would be great to find out if that could be possible on this platform.

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I understand why the updates had to be made & I don’t wish to come across as ungrateful to the effort, thought and energy put into the new format (especially because I’m not an especially active member) but as a person whose eyesight and mobility is somewhat impaired from a fairly recent stroke, I am finding this format significantly more difficult to use than the previous one.

For me, simply adapting the colour scheme into something slightly more clearly distinct (even if it is still muted and soft like the old one) and reinstating pagination would help accessibility tremendously. Totally understand that that may not be possible & that for those without my challenges the new layout might be more user friendly.

Sorry to complain!


Don’t be sorry! Constructive feedback is appreciated. I’m sorry to hear about your recent health issues.

I agree. It was fun while it lasted, but this new format is a headache and just not what I’m looking for in a baby names site. I’m out, but good luck to y’all


If you’re experiencing a problem or have any questions, please create a new topic in the All About Nameberry category.

This thread is now closed, as it will be much easier for the mod team to monitor all of the feedback if it’s all in one place.

Thank you so much for your patience and for flagging issues to us, it really helps us get things sorted as quickly as possible!